Untangle NG Firewall – The best user interface you’ve ever seen

Untangle NG Firewall is a software network security firewall based on Debian Linux and has been around since 2005. While built on open source Debian Linux, Untangle is incredibly easy to use and features an intuitive graphical user interface that is light years away from what any other network security firewall vendor has produced so far. Untangles user interface is so intuitive that users with no Linux or network security firewall experience can easily setup and use the product in a matter of minutes. Ease of use, advanced security features, and internet content control make this network security firewall attractive to business owners and school administrators alike.
Untangle NG Firewall login page

Untangle has a user interface that is unlike anything else on the market. The highly visual interface is attractive, easy to navigate, and very intuitive. Untangle firewalls interface makes it easy to understand the features the UTM firewall is providing at a glance, while keeping the user on one single interface.

 Untangle firewall main user interface

Untangle arranges applications into modules in a virtual server rack. The server rack representation is especially appropriate for this UTM firewall, as the applications bundled in Untangle are usually installed in a network as desperate physical devices. The real beauty of Untangle NG Firewall is that it makes completely controlling a network easy and cost effective. Gone are the days of deploying a different solution for spam filtering, gateway anti-virus, internet content filtering, IPS, caching proxy, QoS, etc. You get the picture. Untangle incorporates all these things into one physical device, making it easy to deploy and very cost effective.

Drilling into the settings of each rack module or application allows you to configure that applications settings to suit your network. Untangle firewall applications are set to safe default settings, so many administrators will enable a given module and do some light configuration, but most time consuming configurations are pre-set by default. This saves administrators time and energy by not having to completely setup an application from scratch.
Untangle web filter user interface

The left side of the interface is dedicated to network and administration tasks, such as IP addressing for the interfaces and login accounts. Untangles ease of use extends to all areas of the user interface, visually guiding the administrator through the complex set of settings and services with visual cues and neatly arranged menus.
Untangle firewall network settings interface

Untangle strives to make UTM firewalls and network security firewalls easy to use and cost effective solutions that bring security and value to networks. The era of complex cisco style firewall configurations has come to an end with Untangle NG Firewall. Untangle completes its appeal to novices and gear heads alike with advanced interface configurations and even an SSH shell that lets you get under the hood if needed. It’s also worth mentioning that the user interface in Untangle is accessible on the console of the device, over the LAN, and even over the WAN (not recommended).
untangle reports interface

After experiencing this user interface, I promise you that you will never look at another UTM firewall user interface the same way again. Untangle firewall has raised the bar, and so far no other network security firewall vendor has been able to compete.