XT-2000 Appliance


Enterprise Appliance with Ethernet Expansion and Redundant Power Supplies

The XT-2000 is a 1U network appliance fitted with the Intel Xeon E3 processor. The Xeon E3 CPUs is a quad core processor with 3.2 GHz of processing power.  An internal 2.5” HDD, CF Socket, USB 2.0 ports, and console connection options guarantee that all hardware requirements will be met for most operating systems. Four GbE network ports provide high throughput and availability. The XT-2000 provides two Ethernet expansion bay that allows administrators to add  8 more RJ-45 gigabit Ethernet ports, 8 SFP gigabit fiber Ethernet interfaces, or up to (4) 10GB SFP+ fiber Ethernet interfaces.

The XT-2000 is well suited as a network router or firewall. Four Intel gigabit Ethernet ports allow for an array of network zones and WAN connections. When deployed as an router using Untangle, the XT-2000 provides plenty of power for the operating system. The XT-2000 is a rack mounted appliance and can be installed in a 4 post server rack.

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XT-2000 Appliance