NG-Mini Appliance.


Dual core processor with dual Ethernet interfaces.

The NG-Mini is rugged and supports a “wider than usual” range of temperatures. Outfitted with industrial components (HDD/SSD, CF, Memory) this appliance can thrive in harsh temperature conditions. The interior of the NG-Mini contains no wires, making this industrial appliance as rugged as possible. Integrated in a mini-PCIe slot, the SIM card readers allow for users to enable 3G, 4G, or LTE  integration with the NG-Mini. The NG-Mini supports desktop mounting by default, but can be wall mounted or rack mounted with optional rack kits. The NG-Mini also supports remote power button with a 2 wire adapter.

The NG-Mini thrives as a two interface router, firewall, or small business VoIP phone system. The NG-Mini has a powerful Intel Atom N2800 dual core processor, up to 4 GB of DDR3 ram, and can support an on-board CF card and 2.5″ solid state or rotational hard drive. The NG-Mini is powered with an external DC power supply and can be wall mounted in a telecom closet with an optional mounting kit.

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