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Protect your network from viruses, malware, spam, and hackers with cutting edge firewall technology. Untangle NG Firewall, pfSense, Mikrotik, Vyatta and VyOS are all available pre-installed.
The internet is a great work resource. It can also be a productivity killer. NG Firewall can Control access to internet resources to keep your staff, students or employees on track and focused on getting the job done.
Nexgen appliances are designed on proven Intel solutions. Innovative features like network bypass and on-board recovery make our appliances powerful, flexible and capable.
Untangle NG Firewall is the best UTM firewall on the market today. It’s got the best looking user interface on a firewall, plus it’s incredibly easy to use.

What's included in Untangle NG FIrewall?

Untangle NG Firewall features web filter technology from Zvelo and gateway anti-virus and anti-spam technology from Bitdefender. There’s also application control, advanced bandwidth control, dual WAN, WAN failover, IPSEC VPN, captive portal and much, much more.

How they do it?

Most UTM firewalls use a system called proxy chaining to do what they do. While proxy chaining is effective, it’s slow and outdated technology. Untangle NG Firewall uses proprietary technology called virtual pipelines to scan, filter and protect the network. Virtual pipeline technology was developed by Untangle to increase the speed and efficiency of scanning network traffic. Untangle is one of the fastest UTM firewalls on the market as a result.

How do you use it?

Untangle can be deployed as a router or as a bridge on physical hardware or as a virtual machine.

Router Mode

While configured in router mode Untangle NG Firewall sits at the edge of the network as a router/firewall. In this deployment scenario, you will need to setup the internal and external interfaces properly for traffic to flow. This is usually done during initial setup.



Bridge Mode

When configured in bridge mode, Untangle NG Firewall sits between the firewall and the network switch. When configured as a bridge Untangle is transparent, meaning you don’t have to change the default gateway on your computers and servers.


The built in recovery system makes restoring your Nexgen Appliance easy

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